This is my web page to help promote myself as a session bass guitarist and composer.

Here are is a list of the current artists I am regularly performing for

Frank Ash: www.franckash.com

Rushil: www.rushilmusic.com

Little Brother Eli: www.facebook.com/littlebrothereli

Calvin Roche: www.calvinroche.com

Jessica Symonds: www.facebook.com/jessicasymondsmusic

I am also currently working on a heap of original music, but I will keep you updated on this as it develops.


If you’re interested in hiring me as a teacher or session musician:

E-mail: josh_basscat@hotmail.co.uk

Tel: 07792 300131



I started playing bass when I was 16. Before that I used to play trumpet mostly in big bands (don’t ask me to play trumpet these days because I would be terribly out of practice), when I moved instruments I realised that bass guitar was the instrument for me. I went on to play bass in big bands and smaller jazz bands as well as various rock bands, soul bands and function bands.

After spending a year travelling and playing music in the US, I went to The University Of Westmister in 2010 and graduated 3 years later with a BA in Commercial Music. During my 3 years studying I composed music for big bands, string ensambles, sessioned plenty of bass guitar, did an internship at IODA and then INgrooves (music distro. companies) and learnt a lot about the music business by doing a few releases.

These days I’m focusing on doing songwriting and production alongside my teaching and session bass guitar work in studios and on tour. I’m also mastering the double bass.



Bass guitars: Fender Jazz Bass, Music Man Sterling & 5 string fender squire.

Amps: Mark Bass 4 x 10” speaker cab & ‘Little Mark’ 600 watt Mark Bass amp head (also 100 watt Laney practice amp).

Pedals: SansAmp, Boss tuner, Boss distortion pedal & Digitech Synth Wah Pedal.

Other equipment: Mac laptop with Logic 9 &  Saffire digital interface.


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  1. great josh

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